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Day two

Classes today, so far, have gone much better.

-oops, I told Kristen I would study before internet... oh well, its only spanish the hardest class I have so far...--

ALL of my film classes are great! Love the instructors, love the students, love the environments, and the attitudes.

I had a deja vu moment as well today in visual storytelling. It was interesting, and I liked it. Made me feel better again. The instructor in that class had worked in the studio system, and that made me feel much better (than those who have just done commercials or multimedia computer stuff).

I wish I could burn spanish class and make it go away. To the point of not having to take this extra crap. I totally believe that people in America should at least be familiar with a second language and that it should start early in the school system... but this is something school specific. No other school would ask this of me. Plus, I brain dumped the prerequisite class.... bahh... stupid crap.

Anyway. Due tuesday is a one shot project entitled "lost and found". Three ideas went through my head in class... and I'm working the third alittle more to see if it would be too hard... (I don't think so). I'm a guy who has to impress. I feel like if I don't have something completely different or exceptional from the rest of the class, I would have failed.

Luckily, this school offers so many tools at our disposal that I should not want for anything. should.

I still have my art class tonight. Late. Its study time up until then because I don't know what I would surf for on the internet at the moment. I'm also thinking of not keeping a dial up at home... well... nah, I've got stuff I like to do online at home. Only if the money gets too tight (which it shouldn't once I get my checks rolling in and grant money and loans)

yeah, and I am scared of the Language lab I'm supposed to attend 1 hr every two weeks. Its always dark in there when I walk by it... is it ever open? Are the people in there allergic to light? Will they eat me?

I'm hungry. I'm going to buy something overpriced downstairs to eat and then do spanish. yea for spanish class... woooooo

(that was sarcastic)



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