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more crap to shovel in my name.

First crazy fun stuff first...


You Are a Cyberskank!

When it comes to online antics, you know how you rank.

You aren't yet a slut, but you are a cyberskank!

Now put that webcam in your shower,

And your visitors will soar by the hour!

Are *You* a Cyberslut?

But, in other news...

I had my spanish 102 class this morning. I stared at the teacher in disbelief for about 5-10 minutes because I couldn't keep up with her. I would catch one word or two, but by the time my brain registered the word, searched the darkened debths of my brain, cleared off the moss and cobwebs, found the meaning in english, and shouted it out loud enough for me to think it.... the teacher was already talking in english (probably from all the dumb looks).

Man, I can't even recognize large numbers any more. I was guessing to where she was telling us to look in our textbooks. I'm gunna need some serious help if I want to get a good grade in this class... I AM NOT GOING BACK TO 101! I'll take a "C" before going back and adding more classes to my schedual that have NOTHING to do with the job I want.

Anyway... I have another class today, but it is at 4 in the afternoon. So, I have all day to putz around. Not really... I must: Call SBC because the phone line is all jacked up, call the unemployment people to start getting PAYED, and fill out my travel voucher, and.... ummm.... EAT.

Yeah... I had to list off all the things I was grateful for last night because I was starting to loose focus again. That is what happens when you toss yourself into a society full of people you know and love and fit in very well, then rip yourself out of it agian... you start to wonder why you do it. If its worth it. Knowing that your only going to have to struggle harder and harder as more time goes by (financialy). It sucks. But, with that list in my head it got better. I am sure that I will have at least one friend sooner or later here at college. That will help.

Thanksgiving, I'm going back to Northern Cali to hang out with covalence. That will be very nice. Its kinda too close to December, when I go back to Wisconsin again, but that is all I've got!

In December/January I've got another few things to do. Turn in the mass schedual for the wedding, meet the priest, do the tuxedo fittings, go to a STUPID seminar about married life, and... the rest of the time I'm going to be hanging with my friends.


damn its early.

In a few days I've got another payment due to the college. (crossing fingers) PLEASE SEND ME GRANT MONEY AND LOANS!!! SEND ME MY DD FORM 214!!!!! I can't keep up throwing away my savings like this!

I finished Hunt for the Horn last night. 2nd time through. Much of it was there in my head, but clouded. Extremely fun to read again! After doing a little Spanish tonight I'm going to start The Shadow Rising (I believe that is the third book - its been so long).

yatta yatta yatta...


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