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Back in Cali


I've gone to the bookstore on campus and spent $250 and I still need another book!

bahhhh. stupid money grubbin' stupid people and stuff.

I just ordered a really nice book of art entitled Exceptions to Life. Good stuff. To see what I'm talking about go to www.studioronin.com I saw this stuff at GenCon and had to order it!

I got to meet the new puppy my parents got! He's increadibly cute! All my friends I had over loved him. He's snuggly and playful. Yet, he almost looks exactly like their last dog, so he usually ends up being called his name Tuffy, and scolded with the name Patty (short for Partrick).

My friends got me so addicted to Dance Dance Revolution that I had to go out and buy a pad and the game for my playstation. Its fun!

We made a short video at the Fox 11 studio. Interesting and fun... but since we had nothing planned we forgot half the stuff we wanted to do... and since we rarely do more than one take (part of the ethics behind Anthro) we didn't care if it was perfect or not. I haven't seen the edited version, but from what I saw after we were done, it was at least quality computer graphics and picture and lights... But, I had a really bad improv day and didn't fair so well while the others did better... like Kristen bitching to Lee through the mic and earpiece that she is going to have him fired and Eric running around screaming about Zombies. When I return to WI in December we are going to do another one, with actual stuff planned out well ahead of time so it will not only look good, but be good!

I also shot a short of this small stuffed animal called "Buggy Barfy". It needs a little trimming and additional music once and it will be very funny... but its still pretty sweet as it is.

It was really nice to have that group of friends that would always get together when they can. Lee, Tina and Eric all living in one apartment. Melissa stopping by from time to time. When they aren't working or in school there is Christy and Jamie. From Thursdays through Sundays Kristen is in the area as well. It wont be such a bad thing if I can't make it out here and have to move back, there are so many people nearby to have fun with and enjoy life that makes up for everything else.

Arg... class starts next week! No time to go out and try and teach myself to surf like I was thinking of doing.


ummm.... I'm going to cut on outa here for now, there are a few more things to do today besides sitting on a computer.. 'no way' you say... but its true.


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