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I've spent the week with Kristen in Milwaukee. Fun. Now the rest of the friends are here for GenCon this weekend. Lots of Nerds and Anime.

I also got a bunch of videos that Dan had that I didn't have a copy of. Next, what we are going to to is commentary for some of the videos and have that on the DVD... if I get a copy of authoring software that will do that.

Anyway. Bacon, Kristen's cat has warmed up to me over the week, but he still isn't nearly as cool as Franka. Franka kicks all ass for cats.

Sunday, I head back to the Green Bay area for a week. We might be able to use Channel 11's studios to use for a mock news show if Lee can get the place for us. That will be really fun if we can do it!

Right now people are watching Austin Powers. Later, we are going to the Zoo.

Thursday night Kristen and I went to the State fair. When we left we saw a dog that was VERY LARGE taking a power dump. hehehehe

I purchased a copy of Trust Company. Its pretty good. The first track of the Reanimation CD kicks all ass, but its done real quick and what I heard of the rest wasn't all that.

ack, its hot...

Kristen released her fish. She was all about to cry and stuff. She's a big wuss. But, since we figure all rich people that are married hate each other... Kristen and I will hate each other so when we get married we'll be rich.

now she wants to sit on me... and take over the internet from me so she can use it... I don't have a choice because she will keep pestering me... like pinching my nipple (which she is doing) until I let her use it.

okay bye..


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Aug. 14th, 2002 02:35 pm (UTC)
Well since no one has posted anything to you on this post I shall.... First off I miss you Joe you rock ... second DVD studio Pro will do what you like I belive but since your home it'll be hard for you to get a copy. And uh third ... I made Staff ... I'm now SSgt Selcet Chuvala

Lord have mercy on the United States Air Force... LOL
Aug. 23rd, 2002 11:47 am (UTC)
Re: Hmmm
hehehehe, well SARGE, I'm back in cheery ole California again. Will it be any easier for me to get a copy now?

Anyway, I've got to look up for when I have a three or four day weekend. Because if I have any I'm going to get one of those "fly anywhere in CA for $50" thingie through Southwest and visit you guys.

I'm going to make a regular post now and write some more.
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