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I found some nifty stuff digging through some notes.

I've been tinkering with an idea for a Fantasy Series for quite some time now, and the notes that have piled up over it are odd to sift through.

but some things that I liked:

"As we live our lives for Brigid, may we pass on in her light and grace. As we defend the peace for Mithras, may we serve him in our next life."
-The names of the overall God and Goddess are actual... but I borrowed them for the story. I just like the way it sounds... anyway.

"Memory last only as long as you cherish them. Otherwise, they dwindle into oblivion."
-just part of odd notes. Yes, sometimes I just write conversations between characters as notes. Its a GREAT character developing tool.

Its so interesting how the story has developed from the original idea into what it is now. The initial idea was to make it into a Final Fantasy (old skool) video game with cut scenes like Lunar. Then, as the passion for the characters and the story grew, I knew it would be a waste to stop with just a game. (I actually had an appointment with a small game company to give them the pitch, but they never showed. I was young, and I guess they figured that a kid wasn't worth their time)
One character was totally thrown out, because he would have fit in with a video game style story, but not a novel.

The characters are just stuck in my head, and so is the world. Its weird. Maybe this summer I'll try and get things together again and start writing again. I have written about 35 pages each time I go at it. Then, I go back and take out what I don't like and keep what I do like. (90% I don't like, 10% I like) It is streamlining itself with that kind of development.

but to think it all started with a dream I had in the 6th grade.

I don't know... maybe I should finish my short story first.... that I started 3 years ago and put on the back burner because of school. That is based in Colonial times... its kinda a weird-ass story about a haunted convent, wolves, and two young guy who get caught in all of it. All of the places are historically and geographically accurate too! Based in Saugus, Mass. It was panning out quite nice. That is what I should finish first before delving into the long Fantasy series I think.

Wolfenstein was fun this morning. I like playing it online even though I only have a 56k modem. Hell, yesterday I got a 22k download! I don't know how it happened... but it was ZOOOOMING!


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