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I finally found some crap on Tron 2!!!!!


I guess because the 20th anniversary DVD sold so well they stepped up production.

From what I hear the director (same guy) wants to make it look like the same movie, but with a $200,000 budget. I think he meant 200 million, not thousand.

Anyway, the dirt I dug up was that there is a hacker inside the computer world trying to pull off the ultimate hack.

very vague... potential to turn to crap.

The director said he wants something like 7 characters that are fully computer generated in the flick. He also states that he wants to make this world the Cyberspace of the future. He was damn good with the first movie, lets hope he did enough research to pull off the same good moves this time around.

Disney is realeasing a game called Tron Killer Apps next year. Its not confirmed if there is a tie in to the movie or not.

I'm excited. and I'm upset. I wanted to be part of the sequil. So much so that I sent an Email out inquiring about possible internships or observation spots for educational purposes. I hope I don't get blown off.

anyway... book... yeah....
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