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It came in two parts this early afternoon.

First was me and a bunch of guys running around base housing, preparing to shoot a movie. We are not informing the people of the houses we are going through, so we are basically breaking and entering all over the place... soon enough I hear a "Hey!" and I get the hint its time to stop, so we work our ways out of the apartment building type thing we are in. then go back to the squadron to go our own ways. Here, though I meet up with Suzanne. I start goofing around with her, and I spontaneously break into a musical number. The people working are confused... but look on with interest. Soon enough Suzanne gets into the singing and dancing around... and following her are all the other Airmen who are supposed to be working. So there is a huge group of us dancing, singing and laughing it up. There are at least 5 different songs we go through, can't remember which ones. Then its finished with a big number... and the guys from work say things like, "I can't believe that was actually fun!" and stuff. Everyone in the dream seemed to enjoy it.


Back in front of work again at the squadron. Now, all the people at work are carrying, tossing and strapping down these long pieces of thick plastic to a flatbed truck. These pieces of plastic are bright pastel Pink, Purple and such. I walk up to the guys and they are talking with insane Lisps! I think its hilarious so I play along. Then, a bay door on the warehouse opens and there is a loud voice booming over everything and everyone stops to listen. The funny thing is the voice is telling us how gay everything is from the way they are talking to the pink and purple things and the voice itself has an insanely flaming lisp as well. Then the person walks out and it is Aaron Berg, a friend of mine. And we all laugh and all is good agian!


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