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random thought

if I ever get anything published, it will probably be my dream journals.


3 July, 2000

My high school friends were all having parties. Not sure why. As the night progressed, strange things started happening. The radio stations went dead as well as other forms of media. Plus, there were strange sounds in the night air. I had some type of preminition that we had to hide. I took as many people as I could to an empty warehouse. We lasted the first night. During the day we found a tower on the top of the warehouse. As twilight pretend I couldn't find everyone in the warehouse. So, I check the tower. there are still people up there, outside. I try and herd them inside before the odd sounds start again. but they start before I can get everyone in. I turn and see another person behind me. Somehow, I missed... then a woman comes out of no-where and kills the person I missed. I rush everyone inside. Then, out into the densely forested residential area. We find a school. We get in and try to hide in the basement, but they are hot on our tails. There is a door we must get through but it has an ADT card lock on it. I ask the janitor for it and he lets me use it. but by the time my classmates and I get through a mess or bread racks (?) another man is in the basement and the janitor tells him where we are. The man kills the janitor. We wont be able to get through the door in time so I tell everyone to hide. Which they are so scared that they lock up and stand there. While I climb a ladder and prop myself up against the ceiling next to an insanely tall stack of Styrofoam cups (stacked to the ceiling). The man catches everyone. Has three or four others take them away. I accidentally bump the cups and they start to wiggle a lot. The man looks directly at me, but sarcastically scolds the cups. After everyone is taken away I accidentally knock the cups down. They all look at me, this time he scolds "Mr. Cups" under his breath... When they are gone I go down the ladder. I get caught by one of the females. Who "Challenges my libido" so I accept, knowing that if I don't she'll probably kill me. Next thing I know I'm now hunting them down. Someplace, I find them. When I do I pull out a Leatherman/compass and use that to fight. I try and kill them, but nothing works until I knock one over (say a short blessing) and stab him in the face with the tool. I continue this process until I see their leader, then the rest of the stop advancing on me. I start after him. He yells, "why isn't anyone stopping him!?" they don't answer. But I do, "This has to stop!" then I rush him with my tool. Eventually killing him. THe others that I have "killed" with the tool come back, they were faking. I run to one of the females (medium length blonde hair, crimped) Hug and kiss her. There is another couple too. I received the impression I had become one of them. But at least I stopped them from wiping out the human race. (a previous version of this dream was basically me running with everyone, never confronting)

---yeah... so... my dreams huh...


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