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I must say again.


When I say Irony has a big part of my life... oh boy... it does. I mention how expensive something might be at work as I'm forking it up onto a cramped holding line, and I hit it pretty hard on a post... la la la... I make a joke about throwing chains while doing chain gates... and I get nailed by the chain I throw... Straps have attacked me... devices as well... all my work tools have been kicking my ass this week.

Outside of that, I was very happy with the day before going to school. But, work had to destroy it. Not one hour into the day I hear a rumor about us going back to 8 hour shifts - good news. Then I hear the bad news, I would be going on swing shift...

why is that bad you ask? because all my classes are during the hours of Swing Shift. I mention this to the main supervisor of the shift who was showing this to me... and he says, "Well, yes. Some people will have to drop classes."

HELLO!!!! We have already dropped classes to accommodate the 12 hour shifts!!!!
Now we have to fucking drop to accommodate going back to 8's?!?!?!?!?!
What the fuck is wrong with that?!?!?!?! EVERYTHING!!!

He later says, "You know all they are going to say is what is more important, the mission or your school?" To me, its school, but the military doesn't accept that answer. I returned with, "And I'll say, 'This place whines and whines to get its airmen to go to school. Get an education. Hell, the whole Air Force does. Now, your going to tell me to screw it all just when the semester is coming to an end just because people don't want to take the time to place me on a different shift?"

The Air Force is fucked up when it comes to stuff like this. they want so much from us. We get EPRs... which is for a grading system of people. It takes into account work ethic, leadership, uniform cleanliness, School, as well as Volunteer work. they constantly are shoving volunteer work down our throat. I'm not saying volunteering is bad, but my work doesn't consider me exception because I don't volunteer all the time.

For getting an early upgrade in rank I used TONS of stuff I have done off duty for myself including... being a newly published poet and publishing music on MP3.com. But, one of the reasons I got turned down was because I didn't volunteer enough. Sorry that I'm doing stuff for myself, what the hell was I thinking!?

work is pissing me off now.


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