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Unnamed Ramble

Forget everything.
It'll be better that way.
Entrances disappear with the spinning door,
of chance that never seems to turn right.
Or there are just too many people going in and out.
and i'm too damn timid,
to make my move.

On the smoke tinted glass my mirror mocks me.
the world making its way behind me,
in front of me,
to my sides...
where the hell am I?
only in the middle without a wire to walk,
or a helping hand to lead.

No one thinks about the janitor in these situations.
The flicking cigarette butt, rolling along the parking lot
The smudge of a child's hand print, blessing the shaded glass.
All of them gone by tomorrow.

Cell phones beep like mechanical happiness,
that everyone is programed to listen and laugh to.
Yelling their conversations to invisible others,
letting all around hear their important conversation.
Slowing down reality into one single moment,
where everyone is talking, walking, and making their way.
and i still have bills, needed to be paid.

Who are these people, with their faces?
Ingrained into a society I am only intruding.
How could I raise a finger, a voice, a wish
when they have everything, and i have nothing.

Its so easy for them, running through their door of possibility.
They know the names, which floor the elevator will stop at.
and I am the one keeping myself from going through the door.
the opportunity, just in front of me.

"hello world, i guess i'm too frightened."
but, i guess i can just put it off with a laugh and a smile.
How would they know the difference?
They only know what I let them...
and tomorrow, they will forget.
Lost in their life,
with their important things that i cannot touch.

be wary of reaching for the sun, because it only melts your wings.
and if you should fall...
if you should fail...
the burn will not even compare to the hurt.
the pain inside, circulating around the void
that only the sun can fill.

and every time I reach for the door it strikes my hand.
Maybe tomorrow.
When its less busy.
For now, bite your lip.
sniff back the tears,
and try again another day.

if there is one.


Joe Black

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March 2011
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