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First off. Being American I am automatically bias and I acknowledge that. Secondly, I recognize the fact that America will jump at the chance to use its military -> being the "world's police" or whatever you want to believe America being.

I agree with the fact the US is going to do something. What, its etchy.

We have a young president who watched his father lead "one of the most successful" attacks. Desert Storm.

I personally think he will try and live up to his father by making this his "war".
but, I don't believe it to be a conventional war. Not one that we have seen in the past. This, hopefully, will be one of the mind. Where-as we route out the enemy or find him before something happens.

I do not believe it to be centered on one man, Bin Lauden. No one is that blind to believe that if we get him, they all go away. That is just plainly stupid.

I agree with the statement, treating the countries who harbor terrorist no different than the terrorist themselves. I agree with it, but I know this is where all hell may come loose. This shouldn't mean if a terrorist is in your country its going to get bombed, those tactics are abhorred and since the government has a big thing for foreign relations (which in my opinion they still don't have it down quite right some places in the world).

Bin Lauden would be a mile-stone. Not the end.
I believe America will take up arms. (I'm not saying that it is my belief that we should)

Americans are proud... and sometimes pride can be the end of you as well.

in the end... all I can think of was the time I visited New York. I stood at the base of all the buildings. Stood on the top of the Empire State's Building. They are huge. HUGE. Some people can't exactly imagine a 110 level building standing, let alone it falling apart. I watched it over and over again because it was so unreal.

Yesterday was amazing. My friend took me off base and down Peabody and Alamo St. in Vacaville. People waving flags, honking horns, candles lit... every corner. I've never seen this much even on the 4th of July and that is when we celebrate our patriotism!

Personally, its hard for me to do my homework. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. All that I know is that I'm on the list to be deployed on the drop of a hat. For all I know, tomorrow I may be on a plane flying somewhere. I just spent a few hours at my biology class, and its just so hard for me to concentrate.

I guess all we can do is hold the hands of the wind and hope they blow us in a good direction.


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