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Posting a little bit of reality.

Well.... this is it... a summary of my situation right now, with just under one year left of shelter from the real world.

I am 22
6'2" I think I grew....
fluctuating between 160 and 175 pounds
Senior Airman in the United States Air Force.
Been working the same job in the Air Force since arriving at Travis about 3 years ago.
Currently on Grave Shift.
Attending Solano Community College, will have my Associates after next semester and be deep into my junior year with all my transfer credits. Majoring in Film with an emphasis in Directing (and a lot of classes of Cinematography)
Living in the Dorms on Base (gag me please)
Have a nice portion of money stashed away for college.
Write mostly poetry as a hobby, and sometimes fiction.
Make music on my keyboard and MIDI, as well as ACID music on my computer for a hobby (check out Drone Machine on acidplanet.com)
Wish I could draw.
I have an expensive video camera and editing software, but I don't have meshing schedules with enough people to make anything cool.
Got engaged to my long time girlfriend a few weeks ago (we had been dating 5 1/2 years already)
Not getting married for a long time yet.
Purchased a Dreamcast because it was dirt cheap
hate conventionality
Whenever I play music at work people make comments like, "this scares me." "What the hell is this?" "That isn't music, that is noise." etc...
Always hungry.
I've got a 3 hour lecture and a 3 hour lab on Saturdays --good god what was I thinking!?--
I love my Atari
too much Arizona Iced tea makes Abe a polytheistic phonograph.....?
I'm hungry....


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Aug. 31st, 2001 09:45 pm (UTC)
*happy dance*
you lil sneak!
*big grin*

And I was right!
I knew sump'n was up that whole time...
had a feeling about that did I.
we'll just call it female intuition.

and you...ha...play'n it so cool...

i just...knew.

congratulations joe.
*hugs you big time*

can't wait to really see you
and see the glow you undoubtedly have
try to drop by and see me some time
soon, K?
we'll do a frappucino celebretory thingie

take care...
Aug. 31st, 2001 10:15 pm (UTC)
Re: *happy dance*
and see the glow you undoubtedly have

what the hell are you talking about?
I may work for the government, but I don't move radioactive materal that much!
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