February 19th, 2007


My official word...

The One Act DVD has 6 completed shows as of right now... Translation might get finished today, might take a little time tomorrow...

Destiny still needs the Wide shot, so... whenever Peter is back, I'll do that.

Then, It'll be authoring time, which wont take long... and Huzzah, DVD done.

I swear I've been working more on this DVD in the past week than anything else at work.

My final projects are either done, or nearly done...

Video = done and on a DVD

3D animation = Rendered, just need to piece the video files together.


It was nice to relax and play some video games this weekend.

Right now in my office its like 90 degrees... but only MY office.... I've turned down the thermostat to 55, but it hasn't proven helpful yet.

Ahh, that rendering cycle is done... back to work...

still need

Oh boy...

Translation is turning into a BEAST!

but also... Kasey forgot to get the show music copied for me to use on the DVD.




but anyway, I'm almost done for the day. Tonight I get to hear the read-through of North and South Watanabi. Should be fun, THEN HEROES!