Clean up around here

My user pic is from almost 10 years ago... yikes! I had thought of using Livejournal as a outlet for the creative stuff I'm working on, to keep things separate from other social media. All brainstorming and stuff. Pretty sure that is where this will go... if I remember to keep logging in.

back in Cali

arrived in California... doing alright. knees a little upset, but they will get over it. My stomach is looking forward to the lunch at In'n'Out 4x4 and monster fries!

Right Hand Man "inspiration"?

So, I just received an email from a gentleman in Delaware who is a first time playwriting instructor. Apparently, him and his class have been viewing Right Hand Man and doing discussions on it. I placed it on Youtube awhile back.

The instructor asked if I could get in contact with them to discuss the play. I have no idea what this will involve, but it is at least interesting that a class is using my written work to study.

We'll see how contact goes. In the meantime I need to head to De Pere for a remote tonight.
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Vampire Variations

So who feels up to the task of playing the role of a Sly, Devious, Cunning, Powerful, Vampire Woman? Auditions are coming up. The role was pretty cool before todays meeting, but it blossomed and has become more involved... like the glue that keeps all the pieces together.
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I have found a new funny


A geeky, video game new funny called Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?

There is another one biased off of Team Fortress 2, but I felt this one was more universal.
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late night blog... about... imagry


last night I start up my sleep cd... lay my head down on my pillow... and start day dreaming...

before long I had an image of a man looking over the shoulder of a child in my head. Not disurbing, it looked liked something out of Rocket Clips (lame free use video). What really caught my attention was the fine detail of it. I could see very defined features. His hair had been clipped very short on his head, and each hair follicle was very defined. I started taking in the texture of his skin before I realized that the clarity of the image was outstanding, and possibly something I don't remember seeing before... Then, the picture crapped out like a television loosing reception. I tried pulling up other images in my mind to see if they could match the quality of the last image. No. Not one. They all were blurry, not precise, not even full featured faces... it was a let down. So, I tried something else. I allowed my mind to put the image up. Within minutes I saw trees. Tall slender trees. They faded in and out of focus, but finally solidified in a crisp and clear way, like the original image. This time I allowed myself to flow through the image, instead of manhandle it. The trees pushed past me and the image was no longer 2d, but a full 3 dimensional field of trees. Not only that, but it was in winter. As I moved through the trees I could see the aged bark on the trunks and the speckling of fungi on them as well. It was amazing.
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